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     Most of the women who receive services at Milton Memorial Birthing Center do not have medical insurance and they do not qualify for programs that offer them financial assistance. As a result, many of these women are financially challenged to pay for their care out-of-pocket. Therefore, Milton Memorial Birthing Center has developed a "no refusal" policy and will care for women regardless of their ability to pay.
     If there is interest in supporting the efforts of Milton Memorial Birthing Center to provide midwifery services and to help those who are less fortunate, Milton Memorial Birthing Center is willing to accept donations of finances, infant supplies, maternal supplies, etc.. These donations will be greatly appreciated and they should be sent to Milton Memorial Birthing Center (C% Maria Milton) at 952 Flowersview Boulevard, Laurel Hill, Florida, 32567. Please contact Maria Milton (at the aforementioned address or at (850) 834-2946) for futher questions and/or additional information.