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     Milton Memorial Birthing Center operates under the premise that pregnancy and childbirth are normal, natural occurrences---not illnesses or diseases.

Note:  Milton Memorial Birthing Center (MMBC) can only accept low-risk women who are between the ages of 16-44.
Prenatal Care
     Milton Memorial Birthing Center provides prenatal visits on a monthly basis until the 28th week of pregnancy. At 28 weeks, prenatal visits occur every two weeks until the 36th week of pregnancy. At 36 weeks, visits are weekly until delivery.
Labor & Delivery
     Milton Memorial Birthing Center provides natural childbirth services to women who are expected to have normal, uncomplicated deliveries. An added bonus is that women are allowed to eat and drink during labor and there are no unnecessary interventions.
Postpartum Care
     Milton Memorial Birthing Center provides immediate postpartum care to women who have had uncomplicated deliveries and to babies who are born healthy. Women and babies also receive postpartum exams within 72 hours and within 4-6 weeks following delivery and birth.
Laboratory Services
     Simple laboratory tests (to determine blood type, risk factors, etc.) are required when women are initially accepted as clients at Milton Memorial Birthing Center. Tests are also done at 28-32 weeks of pregnancy, at 36 weeks of pregnancy and as needed to determine risk status. If applicable, postpartum testing will be required (ex., women with Rh negative blood type).
     Milton Memorial Birthing Center does not offer laboratory services but will provide a laboratory request/order to women for the tests to be done. The laboratory fees and services are separate and apart from the services/fees of Milton Memorial Birthing Center.
     Milton Memorial Birthing Center must refer/transfer women who develop risk factors during the prenatal, labor/delivery or postpartum periods and will make the appropriate arrangements for such referrals/transfers.
If a woman is interested in receiving services at Milton Memorial Birthing Center or if she has questions about the services offered by Milton Memorial Birthing Center, she should contact Maria Milton at (850) 834-2946 to get additional information and/or to set up an appointment. Women are also welcome to visit Milton Memorial Birthing Center for a free consultation.

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