Frequently Asked Questions
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     ***Seek unbiased information on the risks and benefits of common and/or routine obstetrical procedures and tests. Always avoid procedures and/or tests that are not medically necessary.
     ***Be sure that your practitioner throughly answers all of your questions and addresses all of your concerns (in language that you can understand).

What are the advantages of using Milton Memorial Birthing Center?
Milton Memorial Birthing Center is a safe option for birth. It is licensed to provide prenatal, delivery and postpartum care to low-risk women when healthy, uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries are anticipated. In addition, the personal, individualized attention given to women can reduce medical interventions and the risk of complications.
What services are provided at Milton Memorial Birthing Center?
     MMBC provides prenatals, natural childbirth and postpartum services to low-risk women and healthy newborns.
Who can receive services at Milton Memorial Birthing Center?
     MMBC can only provide services to low-risk women who are between the ages of 16-44.
Will insurances pay for services at Milton Memorial Birthing Center?
     MMBC accepts Florida Medicaid and other insurance plans where MMBC (or a birthing center) is listed as a provider of services.
What financial arrangements are made when a woman has no medical insurance?
     Women who do not have medical insurance pay the minimum fee charged by MMBC and they can pay in installments. (The minimum fee charged by MMBC is roughly about one-third of the cost of a hospital/physician-assisted delivery.)
Is there emergency back-up?
     MMBC has a very low rate of complications or transports. However, emergency back-up is available and alternative arrangements are provided by MMBC in the event of complications or changes from a status of low-risk. MMBC also has equipment and the personnel to manage complications, emergencies, etc. until the appropriate referral/transport can be made.
Got other questions?
     If a woman is interested in receiving services at Milton Memorial Birthing Center or if she has questions about the services offered by MMBC, she should contact Maria Milton at (850) 834-2946 to get additional information and/or to set up an appointment. Women are also welcome to visit MMBC for a free consultation.