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Gladys Milton's midwifery career was from 1959-1999. Her work as a midwife led to her induction into Florida's Women's Hall of Fame (in 1994) and, posthumously, into Okaloosa County (FL) Women's Hall of Fame (in 2001). The legacy of her work still continues at Milton Memorial Birthing Center through her daughter/fellow midwife, Maria Milton. 

     Milton Memorial Birthing Center was established in 1976 (by the late midwife, Gladys Milton) as a place where women who had no money or medical insurance could still receive good, quality care that was given in a respectful way. Milton Memorial Birthing Center continues to be such a place and the majority of its clientele is composed of women who fit this category. However, Milton Memorial Birthing Center also services women who want a natural, less invasive and individualized approach to care that is offered by midwives at Milton Memorial Birthing Center.
     The care by Milton Memorial Birthing Center is personal and individualized to meet the specific need(s) of each client. Women are given honest, unbiased information so that they can make informed choices about their care. In addition, women are encouraged to ask questions, to seek information and to become active participants in their care.
     Milton Memorial Birthing Center's methods of operation are based on the premise that pregnancy and childbirth are normal, natural occurrences. That is why Milton Memorial Birthing Center adheres to the midwifery model of care. And, as statistics have continued to show, this more natural approach can reduce the risk of complications, medical interventions and undesirable outcomes.